The March for Manhood and Chichester Harbour Villages

The government – and property developers – want to build thousands of new homes South and West of Chichester. But there are no new roads to cope with new traffic. There are no new jobs for the people who buy these new homes. There is no new solution for the sewage crisis we all face. New homes will make that crisis worse. All this in a place that the UN experts believe will be sea not land in a few generations.

The March for Manhood and the Harbour Villages was an incredible opportunity to join local groups and members of the community to lobby the government to stop building these new homes. We are not against new houses: but we are against new houses in an area which can’t sustain them.

We couldn’t have done it without you

Thank you to everyone who took to the streets of Chichester to oppose the urbanisation of the Manhood Peninsula and The Harbour Villages.

There were 650 supporters at this peaceful protest, many in appropriately themed regalia with strident placards and truthful dissenting mantras.

The march got underway from Priory Park and concluded at County Hall where the organisers presented the petition for government with over 5,000 signatures.

Three impassioned and informative speeches were delivered by Melissa Smith, Andrew Kerry-Bedell and Joan Foster regarding the key concerns around unsustainable development. Find out more in the Speakers section below.

If you want to keep the pressure on

Please email Michael Gove, Minister for Housing at and Gillian Keegan, our Member of Parliament at

Let them know

You are one of many who marched in Chichester on 29 January to protest against more building on the Manhood Peninsula and in The Harbour Villages. Outline your objection to building new homes on a flood plain where the infrastructure for sewage and roads is totally inadequate. All in a place, that UN experts believe will be sea not land in a few generations. Please add a brief personal message to make it even stronger.

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Sign the Petition to Stop the Urbanisation of the Manhood Peninsula and Harbour Villages in Chichester

We will be delivering the petition for Michael Gove and Gillian Keegan in an open letter to government along with the petition. Over 5,200 people have signed so far, please add your signature and share on social or in your community groups.

We will report back on our progress here.

We will not stop campaigning until the government stop the building.

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We use crowd funding to pay for marketing collateral, events and website updates. The Organisers have covered all of the costs for marketing materials for this event. Organisers time is entirely voluntary and unpaid. If you would like to support this cause with a donation, please visit our crowd funding page for details.

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The Speakers

Andrew Kerry-Bedell

Save our Harbour Villages

Download Speech

Joan Foster

Manhood Peninsula Action Group

Download Speech

Melissa Smith

Stop the Urbanisation of the Manhood Peninsula

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